Linoya Group is one of the largest leading group companies in?Fine Electronic Lines and Precision Data Line Industry in China, with a Photoelectric Research Institute (Dongguan ?Linoya Optical Information Transmission Institute), and two production Bases(Linoya Duanguan Headquarters Production Base, Linoya Shenzhen Production Base). Linoya purchase of 250 acres to build Shenzhen Industrial Park in 2003 , and established a wholly owned Subsidiary of “Shenzhen ?Linoya Electronics Co., Ltd.”; ?In 2006, ?Linoya purchase another land to build the?Headquarters in Songshanghu,?Dongguan ; In 2009, ” Linoya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch” was established, Shenzhen Linoya Electronics Co., Ltd. being in charge of the Group’s exports, and Linoya Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. for Domestic Trade. In 2012, Linya?builds a wider?sales Network across United States, Europe and other countries and regions, and?established Linoya Group overseas holding subsidiary – Linoya International Limited and Linoya Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited. To promote the development of the industry and improve the international competitiveness of the industry level, Linoya combining with??many other cable entrepreneurs set up Humen Information Transmission Cable Association,?Computer and Consumer Electronics Cable Professional Committee, and served as president and director, leading the industry to be more international and pushing more products to oversea market.

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